Privacy Statement

1.1 Privacy Statement of

This ist the privacy statement of the website, of the freelance author, domain owner and admin-C Peter Jockisch. For queries, please write an e-mail to webmaster​@​, or a written letter. Address: Pe­ter Jockisch, Habs­bur­ger­stra­ße 11, 79104 Frei­burg i.Br, Germany. Peter​ contains references (hyperlinks) on external web­sites. For these external websites and their contents, this privacy statement is not valid.

1.2. Webhosting is hosted on a web server of the company Hetzner Online AG (Gun­zen­hau­sen, Ger­ma­ny).

1.3 Collection of Statistic Data on the Website Visits of

During a website visit resp. every time when a file is retrieved, data about the site visits are recorded on the web server, through the HTTP protocol. This happens in a non-personalized form, in a way, that excludes an assignment to a natural person: IP addresses of the site visitors are generally not recorded, exclusively a pseudonymized IP address is used for the data preparation of the statistics report, whereas a part of the IP address has been ex­changed before.

Part of the recorded statistic data is, among others: The type of the browser, the operating system by which the request took place, the denotations of the requested files, the date of the request, and the URL of the referring website.

This data evaluation is carried out solely for statistical purposes. There is no transmission to third parties and no combining with other data.

1.4 No Newsletters, Update Notifications solely via RSS

In principle, does not sent any newsletters or advertising letters, also not through external service providers. Update notifications can be obtained exclusively via RSS news tickers, which do not require any e-mail address.

1.5 No Recording and no Usage of personal Data.

All content publicized on is 100 % free of any charges, and directly accessible without anny registration. No services are sold, no contracts are concluded. In the future, advertisement space will be rented out, therefore the “.com” has been chosen.

The only possible personal data which could occur on would rise under a possible e-mail request of site visitors (sender e-mail address). Such data are not processed, are not combined with other data and not transmitted to third parties.

An exception to this is only then given, if authorities assert a legally based right to access information, when would be obligated by law to transmit personal data to government agencies, by administrative order.

The storage of e-mails is done within the limits of the e-mail archiving conforming with the law.

1.6 No Use of Cookies

A cookie is a text file resp. a data record which is stored on the local computer of an internet user. With it, during a new visit, websites can detect/find out among other, if a user already visited the site in the past. Often, browsers are preconfigured to save cookies and so called super cookies (Local Shared Objects, LSOs). You can disable the storage through a cor­re­spon­ding setting in your program.

In principal, does not use any cookies and no super cookies.

1.7 No Use of external Scripts does not embed script programs resp. services of third party websites, such as embedded videos of video portals or similar services, which usually work script based. Exclusively classic references (hyperlinks) are used for site internal and external links.

1.8 Notification on the right to information, required by law. does not record and use personal data. However, the following notification is obligatory in some nations: You have the right, at any time, to gather information on data being recorded to your person. This comprises also the origin and the recipient of your data, as well as the purpose of the data processing. At any time, You can apply for the deletion of your data, provided that personal data come up. At any time, you can revoke an already given persmission for the use or processing of personal data.

If you have any request, please send it in written form via e-mail to webmaster​@​mathe​bildnis​.com, or per classic mail to Pe­ter Jockisch, Habs­bur­ger­stra­ße 11, 79104 Frei­burg i.Br, Ger​ma​ny.